Case Threads gives users a high degree of control of two professional office functions:

  1. Creation, transmission and storage of electronic documents and
  2. Tracking time invested on behalf of clients.

Typical American law offices are the working model for Case Threads; it can be applied to many similar professions such as consulting, advertising, public relations and the like.

The fundamental concept behind Case Threads is that information about clients---for whom the work is being done--and matters--the work that is being done---is used repetitively in document creation, client contacts, time tracking and billing. A database stores client/matter information. It may be "customized" to reflect differences in information required by different types of professional practices and by different lawyers. Customization can occur without having to modify the existing database structure.

The goal for the Case Threads project is to provide an enterprise class software package that is easily adaptable to individual and changing business needs, while lowering the overall cost of ownership. Logo